Behind the scenes footage (and final images) from a recent project with Jersey Battle of Flowers, Jersey Heritage, Bella Fiori, Eva Miere MUA, Lisa The Dressmaker & Eoghan Mc Cullagh of Elmina Salons Jersey & featuring Miss Battle of Flowers 2016 – Aimee Le Brun.

I dreamt of this project a long time ago but never thought it would materialise.

It’s thanks to the above people and those credited at the end of the video for following me on this mad little journey that this project actually came to be.

At some point during 2015 I was introduced to Kirsty Mitchell’s ‘Wonderland’ and I was instantly in awe of the scale and the attention to detail that she bought to her fairytale-like imagery.

There’s something sadistically appealing about taking on a project that involves such time and effort – with the belief that should it come together, the results would be worth all the blood, sweat, tears, long hours and late nights.

After mulling over several ideas, I was struck by a bit of inspiration – The Jersey Battle of Flowers – an annual Jersey festival in which elaborate float designs are created and decorated with thousands of flowers.

Suddenly there was a chance that an idea could turn into a reality…

After several meetings, test shoots, phone calls to arrange flower collection, dress design, hours of flower cutting, cut fingers, adhesive tests, transport arrangement and much much more, this is what we created…