At the end of last year/beginning of 2017 I posted something about having some big project in mind and that I wouldn’t be posting much new material for a while.

Then in fairly typical fashion I over thought that potential project (paralysis by over analysis!) so decided it wouldn’t happen.

Then the world went (even more) crazy and I felt like I had lots to say… and for a few days I wondered if I might even be on the verge of a 365 project (1 super cool photo everyday for a year which was never realistically going to happen!)

THEN, the more I read about the world the more confused I got ?

So then I thought a bit more, reached out to some fellow creatives and now, my/our project is back on!

I’ve done more research, organising, meeting with people and planning in the last few days that I ever thought was possible – including this location test shot today.

I’m yet to shoot anything official just yet, but, something cool is happening and I’m so grateful to all those involved for dreaming the same as I do, sharing the same vision and lending their skills and time in order to create something that will hopefully last for a long, long time.

SO, there won’t be much original content for a while – but by mid April, I, no WE, will have some cool… something REALLY cool to show you all!✨

Dream big (but don’t over think it!), reach out and make shit happen ??