I’ve been waiting for a foggy evening to get this shot although all I really had in mind was the leading lines of the ploughed field and a mysterious misty background…

Lots of things on my mind recently, lots good and some a bit trickier, so to me, this is a ‘search for clarity’…

… I also received this amazing write up from Paula Palmaroli for The Imaginarium’s ‘Tribute To’ today, which totally blew me away…

(It’s been translated by Paula from Italian into English)

“I rarely read the tenderness in a picture, that kind of emotion that surrounds you without touching you, that embraces you without tightening you, that touches your skin like a spring breeze and you would like to be always in the middle of such flow of fresh air.

A warmth almost magical radiates from the pictures of Danny Richardson, he doesn’t shoot faces or scenes soaked with romanticism, he captures the softer side of human nature without being predictable, he does this by capturing the intimacy of a glance or a gesture, creating scenes that hold both mystery and astonishment that characterise tales or legends.

Watching the nature that participates in what one human has to express and narrate he interacts body and soul with flowers and fields, with leaves and lakes, with every natural element which is part of our lives both biologically and spiritually.

Women float while purify themselves, a catharsis which charms, little girls surrounded by sun’s joy and daffodils in a field, leaves which hide the face’s characteristic but never a look, as they were ancestral masks which protect soul of those who are fragile and pure.

Space is subordinate to every detail, it conquered from them, nothing is there by chance, in his compositions each object or human presence seems to have always been there unseen, an appearance which asks a willingness to turn our gaze to the purity of the world and to his infinite grace.

A touch of grace which the author of these unparalleled shots owns, a spell that warms appearance and souls, a number of myths and legends revisited and recomposed in accordance to a sensitivity – rich of many facets, never granted.

The mystery in his shots is directly proportional to sweetness and the delicacy with which it comes narrated and redesigned: a mysterious blend of beauty and joy, of love and tenderness, which escapes common canons of these concepts in order to rise to “wonder” and “enchantment”.

We didn’t ever come out from his pictures, we feel as safe as it happens only when we are in front of the truth in all its immediacy innocent.

Beauty is defined by imperceptible differences – in the content found in living beings as well as in human figures which interact with them – differences that blend with the desire to dress them up in our day – like that which we must first know and then earn – much as an harmonious chord in music – a precious vitality which is symbolically located in this photographer.. his best tool of language.

Danny Richardson isn’t an optimistic end in himself, he describes, depicts, and finally translate in a shot the joy to exist in this world. He has got an energy which surrounds and enchants you!

As the female figures, which interpret the ideals of beauty and harmony, seem detached from the reality in which all of us live, reinventing connections with the invisible for to give new strength to the emotions, men and women arouse so well each element or symbol of choice of this photograph makes sense as a vehicle of knowledge and nourishment for imagination.

Living the moment and the present without preconceptions it’s easier to have eyes ready to watch and not just judge. Hearts ready to love and not only to analyse, thoughts to be coated and not only by questioning.

For to be intimately connected with the desires and dreams of we are made of.

Only in this way the beauty and truth can be perceived and experienced, told and, why not, photographed! We are what our dreams are, a poet wrote centuries ago!

Danny knows how to describe this concept, photographing everything emanating from that desire of eternity encased in our eyes and in our hearts.”

… wow ?

Thank you Paula & The Imaginarium!

… don’t really know what else to say!