Don’t believe the truth – find your own!

There was something about yesterday’s image that I loved but I still felt it wasn’t quite right… it had some good qualities but I thought there could be more.

So I went back to the woods today to do a reshoot… I set my camera up on a rock in the middle of the stream (which was just above the waterline) & attached my intervalomitter so that I could fire off loads of shots.

The water was frickin’ freezing so I shot a few burning pages before I decided to take the plunge… just as I was walking to position I heard a splash behind me… my heart stopped… that had better not have been my fucking camera!

‘Thankfully’ it was just my intervalomitter but that now meant that I had to piece together the rest of the components by using the 10 second timer and running back into position, whilst trying to keep the book alight… whilst not burning myself or toe punting a rock in the ice cold water.

By the time I finished a few variations of the main ‘pose’ I couldn’t feel my feet – but it was kinda worth it.

I think the two guys + the dog walker who passed me by whilst I was photographing burning pages thought I was off my head but they were polite enough to not to say so… I’m always a bit paranoid about doing these kind of shoots in the public eye but if you don’t try you never know.