At the weekend I travelled with the Jersey Calais Refugee Aid Group to the migrant camp known as ‘The Jungle’… it’s hard to put the whole experience into words so I’ll update the captions to try and add some context to what you are seeing.

I’d had visions of capturing powerful, evocative imagery but after being told that there was STRICTLY NO PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN’S CAMP (no wonder you don’t see many, if any, images in the mainstream media) & having been advised not to take any in the male camp due to increased tensions following the death of a 16 year old boy just two days earlier (hit by a car whilst trying to cross the road)… my plans and expectations had to be adjusted.

Due to the warnings I’d received, the vast majority of photographs I took were whilst my camera strap was around my neck with my camera resting on my hip or, like this first one, from the van we used to distribute aid.

The experience was both eye opening & humbling…