Depression, Anxiety & Insecurity

Depression – ‘In Ruins’

Sometimes, when I post an image, I write very little to accompany it… other times I like to provide some background as to where my image has come from… this falls into the latter category…

I guess it’s likely to either connect with you instantly or make you think “what the f***!”

In either case, creating powerful, evocative, storytelling imagery is what I love to do, so hopefully if you’re here following my work you’ll understand the sentiment…

So here goes…

Depression (in it’s many guises) affects over 350,000,000 people worldwide… I’m not sure if we come from a weaker generation than past generations, but it certainly seems to be something that affects more and more people in today’s high pressured society.

Personally, I’ve had issues with anxiety and I’ve had some incredibly low moments that, at the time, feel like they are never going to end… they usually arise from financial situations; wondering what on earth my purpose is; whether I’ll ever fulfil my potential and more stupid trivial things (maybe the first are trivial to you… who knows…)

If you can identify with any of the above then you have probably been told to cheer up, get over it, think of the glass as half full instead of half empty, and to appreciate what you have.

Whilst there’s sense in all of those, when you’re in the midst of one of those dark moments, there’s nothing anyone can say to get you out of it.

There’s lots of help out there these days, but for me it’s something that I can only can deal with myself – and I often use photography as my creative therapy.

When I’m down my mind is in overdrive… ideas are aplenty, but motivational levels are so low that I hide away rather than do anything about them… even being on Facebook and seeing other peoples work does my head in!

It’s stupid, but it’s true.

So, many months ago, whilst in the middle of ‘a downer’ I decided I’d do a project on depression… the problem was I was depressed so didn’t do anything about it!

Now I’m in a better place, I’m ready to share this image… it might be the first of a few, it might be a one-off, we’ll see what’s in store in the coming weeks/months.

And whilst I realise that outpouring of ‘feelings/emotions/problems’ onlinee can be a massive turn off, the desire to create in a truthful, honest way greatly outweighs any fears of being judged.

To me, this image represents the overwhelming sadness, vulnerability and darkness that absorbs me when I’m low… despite the beauty of my surroundings it feels like my life is…

‘In Ruins’

(If this resonates with you in any way please feel free to get in touch… who knows, with your permission, we might be able to work together and produce an image that visually represents how you feel in your darkest hours…. after all, it’s only through talking about our issues that we can ever hope to overcome them)

Yours truthfully


Really pleased to have my photo series on ‘Depression, Anxiety and Insecurity’ featured at HuffPost UK Lifestyle​.

Creating it was pretty cathartic for me so I hope it helps someone else too…