Happy Halloween!

‘The Last Pumpkin Warrior’

Huge thanks to Justin Ozanne for his amazing fire-breathing skills & Josh Richardson for his assistance in this shoot.

We’d set the shot up by framing the composition then taking a photo Justin in position. We then held the pumpkin up in the same spot whilst Justin blew fire through the head to add glow and life to our Pumpkin Warrior.

To make it look like there’d been some kind of battle I photographed several ‘fallen victims’ which involved Justin lying down in various positions (trying to avoid his head being in sight).

We also took a few frames of Justin fire breathing just out of frame so that we could try and capture the glowing atmospheric quality of the fire on the hut and the trees.

With all the ingredients in place it was then a case of combining them in Ps and creating a mood to suit to Halloween feel.