‘I am the God of Hellfire’

What a shoot! After getting a taste for sea shots I wanted to incorporate more elements into my images.

I contacted fire-breather Ryan Pinglaux who joined me for a shoot down at La Braye beach for the last few hours of a beautiful sunny day.

Ryan regularly performs his fire breathing acts so I knew he’d be able to do some cool stuff – but it was an incredible rush to photograph him in action, in this setting as the sun went down.

When I first shot this image I’d visualised it having smokey dragon wings but I wasn’t happy with my initial attempt…

Then the other day I was fortunate enough to speak with a photographic idol of mine – Joel Robison – and I suggested a collaboration…

This is what he came back with 🙂

Check out Joel’s amazing work at www.facebook.com/JoelRobisonPhotography

Fire-Breather: Ryan Pinglaux
Photo: Danny Richardson
Edit: Joel Robison