Depression, Anxiety & Insecurity

Insecurity – ‘Weight of Expectation’

The final image in my depression themed mini series… based on insecurity.

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have said “you’re looking a bit skinny”, “have you lost weight?”, “you need to have a sandwich”… Some of it is ‘friendly banter’, some of it is genuine concern… All of it (once I hear it again and again and again) begins to wear down on me and adds to my self consciousness and insecurities… it’s not cool… but it’s true.

If I was overweight I don’t think the opposite would be being said (to my face at least).

It’s a weird one… what is acceptable to point out to people? verses what isn’t?

It’s something that I notice on a daily basis.

Not that I’m denying that I am skinny! that’s pretty clear 🙂

… I just don’t need it pointed out all the time.

Did this image turn out exactly as I planned?

Not exactly…

It’s a fair bit darker, slightly more abstract and compositionally not a perfect representation of what I’d intended.

But in some twisted way that perfectly encapsulates the other aspect of the concept.

Not everything can be perfect… and that’s ok.

(Shot using a GoPro 3)