“Beware, Beware ‘La Cocagne’ little one,
Don’t be out by yourself when the nightfall comes,
Near wells, under bridges – by calm gentle streams,
He lurks in the shadows and inside your dreams”

The first image from the second instalment of our Jersey Myths & Legends collaborative project – based on the story of ‘La Cocagne’.

Another story lacking in detail but high on creative possibilities it was another that had caught my eye when reading through Giles Bois​’ Jersey Folklore & Superstitions​ books. Parents used to warn their children against staying out late at night by telling them tales of a dark, evil fairy that hid in wells and under bridges… using magical concoctions as a lure…

The idea of creating an evil fairy was one that really appealed – Eva Miere MUA​ (who has done an amazing job throughout with styling) suggested a Marilyn Manson look which was perfect. The cracked skin effect also helping create an earthy look which fit the location and the theme I was going for.

I’d shot Aran​ and Lauren​’s wedding last year and had recently taken a few shots for their new business – The White Shell Co.​. Seeing that Aran is incredibly gifted at making interesting things out of driftwood I mentioned this project to him a month or so ago… it just so happened that Aran was already working on a wing that would be ideal for ‘La Cocagne’! And not only that but he produced the awesome headpiece too.

Thanks to Patrick W. Reed​ for being a brilliant evil fairy – He definitely raised an eyebrow or two from a few dog walkers during the shoot & somehow managed to survive semi naked in the woods for several hours whilst we applied make up, costume before then having to do the photo shoot itself.

Thanks again to Jersey Arts Trust​ for supporting this project and to Jersey Heritage​ for the kind use of Jorja’s costume (whose role I’ll go into tomorrow).

Thanks also to Natalya at NDA Photography​ for some great behind the scenes photos.

*The Jersey Arts Centre​’s Myths & Legends Exhibition is on throughout April and features an eclectic selection of work from a variety of Jersey artists based on Jersey’s supernatural past.