“His magic is dark and so is his heart,
One taste of his potion and this world you will part,
Though tempting, dear child you must not partake,
Listen! Heed these words for your life is at stake”

The second image from ‘La Cocagne’ -the second story in our collaborative project based on Jersey Myths & Legends.

Legend has it that La Cocagne used to tempt children with magical concoctions – like a moth to a flame, the child would be drawn to the glow of the potion…

Jorja did a fantastic job looking the perfect amount of intrigued/shocked/in awe that I’d asked for… she’d been keen to get the expression right and had been practising hard since finding out she had the part… not only did she do herself proud, she also helped produce one of my favourite storytelling shots of the series so far.

I’ve written this post early (and scheduled it for 8pm today) as we’re currently finishing up shooting our final story of the series!

Really grateful for all the kind words and support for the work so far – hopefully what we had in mind for today’s shoot comes out as planned and we’ll have another dark tale to tell shortly…

Thanks again to Jersey Arts Trust​ for supporting this project and to Jersey Heritage​ for the use of Jorja’s costume.

The Jersey Arts Centre​’s Myths & Legends Exhibition is currently on at the Berni Gallery and features an eclectic selection of work based on Jersey’s supernatural past so go take a look!