“This mortal world will no longer be yours,
Forever held in the grip of ‘La Cocagne’s’ claws,
Unable to return to your mother and I,
Imprisoned between worlds of the dead and alive.”

The final image from the second instalment of our Jersey Myths & Legends project – ‘La Cocagne’.

Unable to resist the lure of the ‘La Cocagne’s’ black magic, a child who consumed some of his potion would be trapped in the dark underworld of the fairy – never again able to return to their parents in the land of the living.

The final shot of these stories (including the one we did last night) is often the most dramatic and funniest to make!

I wanted to take the image from Jorja’s perspective as ‘La Cocagne’ rose above her and consumed her, so I set up below Patrick​ and asked him to try a variety of ‘poses’ and expressions whilst my brother Josh​, set off a couple of smoke grenades and I fired off a few shots.

The sheer size of the amazing headpiece made by Aran of The White Shell Co.​ meant that it wasn’t easy for Patrick to move at all so I’m pleased we managed to end up with something dynamic… and a bit freaky!

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry when these shots inevitably breakdown into fits of laughter whilst I’m shouting things like “wider eyes!”… “more teeth”… I’m never quite sure if the shot is in the bag but unable to hold it together when I think about some of the things I’d asked Patrick, Andreia​ and Peter​ to do in order to bring this series to life… it wouldn’t have been possible without them and their bravery!

Eva Miere MUA​’s make up was once again outstanding – I love the natural, earthy, decaying feel of cracked skin effect and the way it compliments Aran’s headpiece & wings as well as the location and overall mood I was after.

Thanks again to Jersey Arts Trust​ for supporting this project.

Thanks also to Natalya at NDA Photography​ for some great behind the scenes photos.

*The Jersey Arts Centre​’s Myths & Legends Exhibition is on throughout April and features an eclectic selection of work from a variety of Jersey artists based on Jersey’s supernatural past.

Thanks again to everyone who made this project possible and for all the support we’ve received so far.