After I’d finished some editing at 1am last night I decided I’d have a cigarette before bed.

When I got outside I couldn’t believe how bright the moon was so I got my gear and headed to the north coast to see if I could capture the amazing landscape under this incredible moonlight.

I have a favourite spot I go to but it’s a bit of a pain to access so I thought I’d take a quick test shot to see if I’d be worth my while… the moon was so bright it looked like it was shot in the middle of the day!

Amazed, I continued down, taking a few more testers along the way… and that’s when I saw the first flash, then other and then another – it was the Geminid Meteor shower!

I set this shot up, stuck it on a timer & took my first shot – and was buzzing at how fantastic the coast looked.

Then using a remote trigger I fired off about 500 more shots hoping to capture a meteor in flight… apparently to no avail ?

By 4am, cold and tired I decided to call it a day.

I got home and imported the shots to my laptop and that’s when I noticed it… ?POW? I’d captured one after all!

So yes, this is a composite (I think you’ll find most images like this are! I’m just being honest!) but after spending 3 hours on the freezing yet eerily beautiful Jersey coastline and watching such an amazing light show I really don’t care ?