‘Returning to avenge, a love unbloomed,
Poisoned and blackened – her soul now consumes,
A temptress of men – knees weaken on sight,
She seduces her pray under glistening moon light’

The second image from the first story of our Jersey Myths & Legends based project – ‘The Lady & The Lake’.

Legend has it that the ghostly figure of the young bride returned to haunt the lake. She would often appear at night – hoping to satisfy her vengeful heart by luring young men to the water…

I’ve sourced the inspiration for this project from a variety of books and websites but ‘Jersey Folklore & Superstitions – Volumes 1 & 2’ by Giles C.Bois 2010 & ‘Jersey Ghost Stories’ By Erren Michaels & Noah Goats were the particular sources for this story.

I met Giles for a coffee at Bean Around The World in the initial planning stages of this project and I was blown away by his encyclopaedic knowledge of Jersey’s history… a very interesting man and one I’m very thankful to for inspiring me to get this project started – also to Howard Butlin-Baker who by chance meeting in the Library told me about the upcoming exhibition which gave me a timeline to work to.

Once again a huge thank you to Anna at Anna Trigg Haute Couture​ for letting me ruin a beautiful wedding dress! To Clara at Wilde Thyme​ for creating a beautiful headpiece and bouquet (the colours were perfect!) and to Eva Miere MUA​ for delicately applying the subtle make-up that helped enhance Andreia’s amazing skin tones and transform her into a ghostly figure.

Thanks again to Andreia Magalhães Model​ for braving the freezing cold waters – you’re a ? – and also to Peter Boleat who stepped in when I was a man down and did a great job… it was much appreciated!

Also to Callum Thorne for his great videography and edits.

Thanks too to Jersey Arts Trust for supporting this project and to Jersey Arts Centre for accepting the work to feature in the upcoming Jersey Myths & Legends Exhibition.

The exhibition starts Monday 10th April at The Berni Gallery and features an eclectic variety of work in a variety of mediums based on tales of Jersey’s supernatural past.