‘Her snare long set, now victim in grasp,
A struggle ensues but it’s one that won’t last,
No screaming or shouting can save you my friend,
‘The Lady & The Lake’ has struck again’

The final image from the first story of our Jersey Myths & Legends project – ‘The Lady & The Lake’.

Legend has it that the allure of the ghostly figure of ‘The Lady’ enticed male victims to the cold depths – where she would drown them!

This was undoubtedly the trickiest one to shoot and edit.

As you can see from the behind the scenes video made by Callum Thorne​ (https://www.facebook.com/dannyrichardsonphotography/posts/696790133826754) it was pretty funny to shoot!

I’d always wanted this one to be a bit more conceptual and surreal – just showing ‘The Lady’s’ hands pulling her victim into the water, but it turned out that it was much harder to create that than I’d imagined.

Andreia Magalhães Model​ was weighed down by the wet wedding dress (kindly provided by Anna Trigg Haute Couture​) so it was hard for her to move in the thick mud, whilst Peter was freezing, trying to channel his inner ‘drowning victim’ – doing his best not to laugh/cry at both himself and the situation he’d found himself in!

Thankfully, having fired off a lot of frames, I was able to piece together what I needed to bring the image to life.

Thanks again to Jersey Arts Trust​ for supporting this project and to Jersey Arts Centre​ for accepting the work to feature in the Jersey Myths & Legends Exhibition.

The exhibition opened tonight at The Berni Gallery and runs throughout April and into May & features an eclectic variety of work in a variety of mediums based on tales of Jersey’s supernatural past.

Thanks again to everyone who made this project possible.