It’s been a bit of a period of experimentation for me recently as I try to take on board the new ideas and skills from the ‘Create Yourself’ course that I’m doing with Joel Robison Photography.

I’ve been spending more and more time thinking about who I am as an artist – and at times I find myself struggling to nail down exactly what I want to create and the style/mood I wish to portray.

A lot of my work has a darker side to it but it’s not always a healthy mindset to be in.

I feel that I need some more positivity to my concepts… but this sometimes means adjusting my editing style and then I can begin to lose track of what makes the work mine.

It’s a strange conflict of feelings.

But perhaps it’s all just part of the process.

Do you create?

If so, why so?

(I don’t usually post behind the scenes shots but the process of creating is one of the most exciting aspects of the final image for me.

I’ve been banging on about this a lot recently but I love to visualise the image, to sketch it, to think about how I’ll shoot it and what I might need to consider in photoshop… If that is all done ‘right’ then the shoot and the edit should be a fun experience)