“A famous Jersey tale – neither false nor factual,
A young man called Hubert seeking the supernatural,
One night, grown weary, needing to rest his feet,
He lays at the base of Rocqueberg to sleep”

The first image from the final instalment of our Jersey Myths & Legends collaborative project based on the story of:

‘The Witches of Rocqueberg’

This tale is one of Jersey’s most famous and is traceable back to the 19th century where it features in print in numerous forms/variations.

Roc Bèr (as it was then known) was thought to be a meeting place for witches who would look to summon the devil!

For this initial image I wanted to introduce our male character Hubert and the ‘character’ of the rock itself… Hubert had an unhealthy interest in witchcraft and would often wonder about late at night looking for signs of black magic.

The version of the story that we’re looking at states that after much searching, Hubert felt tired and decided to have a sleep at the base of Rocqueberg – but all was not as it seemed…

This was one of the most straight forward shots of the entire series to shoot with Chaz Chapman​ (Hubert) simply lying against the rock.

We added a touch of smoke to add a bit of atmosphere to the image and you might also spot a partially hidden witchy collection of animal artefacts hanging from the rock (kindly provided to us by Kerry-Jane Warner).

In post I was able to add some more life to the image by changing the sky from day to night and adding a touch of moon light glow – as well as 3 ravens who you may see more from in the images that follow…

Once again thanks to Jersey Arts Trust​ for supporting this project, to everyone who has helped bring this series to life and for all the likes, comments and support we’ve received so far.

Watch the story develop at www.dannyrichardsonphotography.com/art

Behind the scenes video: https://vimeo.com/217105179