But was he awake? Or was this a dream?,
A vision of beauties like no man had seen,
Determined to enjoy this sight again,
He returns next night after telling Madeleine

The second image from the final instalment of our Jersey Myths & Legends collaborative project based on the story of:
‘The Witches of Rocqueberg’

The story states that Hubert had fallen asleep at Rocqueberg and found himself in a dream-like state in a magical forest – confronted by three beautiful women.

For this image I wanted to create a surreal, dream like atmosphere which would be of huge contrast to the harsh rock and mood of Rocqueberg.

Rather than attempt to photoshop out the huge rock I thought we should shoot this second image at a nearby location that had the same magical forest type quality I was looking for.

Thankfully we were allowed permission to shoot at Samarès Manor which has a beautiful garden area and after going to ask permission and do a site visit I found a stunning patch of bluebells in the shade of a large tree which would be perfect.

Myself and Eva Miere MUA discussed some styling options and decided to match the make up to the surrounding bluebells and pink flowers of the tree nearby. Eva also provided the wardrobe which we felt should again contrast to the final image so opted for long floaty dresses with flower headbands.

In order to create as mysterious and surreal an image as possible in-camera, I placed a bit of bubblewrap over the lens – with a small hole in the centre. This meant that the centre of my image was sharp but the surrounding area would be distorted thanks to the plastic – which I then enhanced further in post production.

Megan Hollingsworth, Kelly Leanne Ahearn and Alicia Bell Videira did a fantastic job acting out this scene. I asked them all to try to seduce the camera in order to convey the sense that we were looking at the image through Hubert’s ‘rose-tinted’ eyes.

Once again thanks to Jersey Arts Trust for supporting this project, to everyone who has helped bring this series to life and for all the likes, comments and support we’ve received so far.

Watch the story develop at www.dannyrichardsonphotography.com/art

Behind the scenes video by Callum Thorne (Drone footage Chris Brookes Aerial Photography): https://vimeo.com/217105179

Behind the Scenes photos: Natalya De Aveiro (NDA Photography)

Fire breather: Justin Ozanne

Crucifix: Aran Clark (The White Shell Co.)

Madelaine: Chloe Steele