Madeleine his wife; being fearful of tricks,
Told the priest, who warned “follow with a crucifix!,
For their raven haired beauty is just a disguise,
The Witches of Rocqueberg will eat him alive!

The final image from the final instalment of our Jersey Myths & Legends collaborative project based on the story of:

‘The Witches of Rocqueberg’

Legend has it that Hubert told his wife Madeleine of his previous evenings experience in the ‘magical woodland’ and so enchanted by what he had seen he would be returning that night.

Madeleine informed the local vicar of her husbands far fetched story and was told to follow him back to Rocqueberg with a crucifix for these temptresses were really hagged witches and had much more sinister desires!

For this final image I wanted to include several characters and the challenge was to find a way to include Hubert, Madeleine, the Witches and Rocqueberg Rock into a single image…. so why not include another element in fire too!

Although I’d considered stereotypical witchy attire (pointy hats & broomsticks) it felt like it was a bit too obvious and that with Eva Miere MUA’s make up skills we’d be able to transform the girls (Megan Hollingsworth, Kelly Leanne Ahearn, Alicia Bell Videira) from the previous image into something a bit more terrifying.

We opted for a ‘skull face’ look, simple black clothing along with a few interesting props.

Wanting to add a bit more of a dynamic quality and atmosphere to the image I asked our firebreather Justin Ozanne to breathe fire near our characters – hoping their pale skin would reflect the red/orange glow of the fire and transform the overall mood.

In post I decided that the girls still looked far too pretty(!) so I added an aged/cracked skin effect to reinforce the fact that the young beautiful girls were in fact horrible, old witches.

Chloe Steele did a fantastic job playing the part of Madeleine – staying in character whilst holding a massive crucifix provided by Aran Clark of The White Shell Co. – this was quite a large shoot to organise and I’d left the crucifix to the last minute… an hour before the shoot I didn’t think we were going to have one… then Aran turned up with this!

Go big or go home as they say! And that’s really been the ethos of the entire series.

For the final time, thanks again to Jersey Arts Trust for supporting this project and for all the likes, comments and support we’ve received.

Hopefully there’ll be an exhibition at some point in the future.

Behind the scenes video:

Thank you to everyone who has helped bring this series to life – it wouldn’t have been possible without all your help:

Callum Thorne, Chris Brookes Aerial Photography, Anna Trigg Haute Couture, Wilde Thyme, Andreia Magalhães, Peter Boleat, Josh Richardson, Natalya De Aveiro, Lauren Clark, Patrick W. Reed, Jorja, Samarès Manor, Allie Ward, Tom Dingle,
Jersey Arts Centre, BBC Radio Jersey, Bailiwick Express, Jersey Folklore & Superstitions.