I should be posting a teaser video from yesterday’s shoot now but despite the video being finished and looking cool I’m not so sure about the images.

Social media is often a place filled with successes and stories & images that reflect us in our best light – but that’s not always a reality.

Sometime shit happens… sometimes things just don’t turn out quite how you’d pictured them in your head.

I was probably the only person in Jersey praying for a dull, overcast day on Saturday but the sun was mostly blazing throughout.

Sunny, my main man (dog) was great but I always knew it’d be difficult shooting something so demanding with animals – and that proved to be the case… trying to get him to stay in position, look the right way and then interact with me was tricky and I was wary to push him too far – especially after he hurt his paw.

Finally, I stupidly thought that I could be a character in the story so as well trying to frame & focus the photos, explain what I was trying to achieve to the rest of the team and make it all come together – I had to try and think about ‘modelling’ whilst running around doing everything else.

So it’s back to the drawing board for the final story.

Apologies to Callum​, Natalya​ and most of all Sunny and his owners Laura & Sam.

I’m disappointed but not defeated…