July 27th 2014.

This is the date when photography changed for me.

Having got into a bit of a rut with my landscape photography and wanting to learn more and push my creativity, I’d been keeping an eye out for interesting photography workshops.

One night scanning through Facebook I saw an amazing portrait photographer called Nicholas Javed was offering photography workshops on my little island of Jersey.

I found the emotion, creativity and mood of his images spellbinding – and I quickly got in touch to book a spot.

On the morning of Sunday 27th I met Nic and the lovely Jen (our model for the day) in a little cafe for a pre-shoot breakfast.

I don’t really know what I’d expected, but I was struck by how genuine & how quiet and unassuming Nicholas was – yet his passion for photography was both obvious and infectious.

A willing but also nervous participant, I couldn’t help but feel out of my comfort zone – but this is exactly what I’d needed.

Watching Nicholas work with his incredible attention to light, pose and composition – as well his way of communicating with his model left me in awe… looking back it really was the turning point… like receiving a lesson from a master.

I left that day feeling energised yet exhausted – but now seeing the world around me in a totally different light… where photos could be made, not simply taken.

This shot was one of the last of the day and remains one of my favourites.

‘Days Gone By’

Days Gone By