I was sat at my office job daydreaming away, wondering where I was going with my life when this image came into my head.

I remember it being one of the first images that I scribbled down on a bit of paper and as I made the marks I was thinking about how I would make the image a reality.

It’s all good and well dreaming of a creation but how do you make it?

I spent the best part of the rest of that afternoon thinking about it.

That weekend I borrowed my brother and headed down Plemont Bay with a shovel, shirt, suit, tie, briefcase and a bit of plan.

Setting the camera up on a tripod, using the self timer, digging a hole, testing focus, testing poses before finally shooting the components I was looking for.

The process of imagining, sketching, planning, shooting and editing would become a huge source of satisfaction for me – it gave me a creative release that I felt other types of photography couldn’t – there was something about it which just felt right.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video to see how we made this happen…